Success Stories

Heartland Bank has partnered with Credit Consultants to outsource aspects of our credit control function to them.

This ranges from early collection telephone calling to phoning more aged accounts.

Credit Consultants acts as an extension of our own business, making contact with customers on our behalf, in our name. The customer contact aims to negotiate appropriate payment arrangements on outstanding accounts, and secure customer retention.

Credit Consultants has delivered a high level of service, focused on our philosophy of providing good customer outcomes, customer care and brand protection – key outcome requirements for us.

Credit Consultants collects on behalf of MIQ on behalf of unpaid managed isolation and quarantine fees – confirmation of this appears on the MIQ website  – Paying your charges | Managed isolation and quarantine (

We are a leading NZ insurance company. We began our relationship with Credit Consultants by utilising their debt recovery service.

As our partnership has evolved, we have also made use of Credit Consultants Early Collection Calling service, which we use to contact our customers who have stopped making premium payments.

As a trusted partner to our business, the calls made by Credit Consultants are made in our name, with customer retention being our required key outcome.

Credit Consultants has not only assisted with customer retention, but has helped improve our cash flow position, not to mention savings in staff costs.

How our clients rate us

I had a debt that I didn’t even know I had incurred. The staff at Credit Consultants were extremely professional and helped me to ensure the debt was repaid immediately. I own a small to medium-size business and because of my previous dealings with Credit Consultants, am now using them to collect my debts.


Solutions Tool Kit

    Credit Control

    Manage customer credit more effectively and create a seamless customer experience

    • Credit control for every step of the customer credit cycle
    • We act as you, embodying your company's brand voice
    • Early collection calling provides proactive support and ensures customer retention
    • Location is not an issue - we can work globally with international clients

    Contact Centre Services

    Have our experienced team as your customers’ point of contact.

    • Customer call centre that speaks in your voice
    • Early collections to encourage repayment
    • Positive customer experiences to aid retention

    Debt Recovery

    Work with the experts in effective debt recovery.

    • We partner with clients across New Zealand and Australia - both commercial and consumer debt recovery
    • Partnering with large organisations and not so large, we can work with any volume of debt
    • Our team has expertise in debt recovery, including legal services, tracing and field agent assignments
    • Innovative technology and communication channels, as well as both client and debtor payment portals

    Terms of Trade

    Create robust Terms of Trade that will assist your business.

    • Draft new and effective Terms of Trade
    • Review and revise what you already have
    • Helping to protect your business

    Credit Reporting

    Access comprehensive credit reports quickly and easily.

    • Innovative credit reporting in association with our partners Centrix
    • Full access to Consumer and Company reports
    • Competitive rates with no joining or annual fees

    Credit Risk Mitigation

    We provide you access to comprehensive commercial data in association with CreditWorks.

    • Database has information on 80% of operating Companies in NZ.
    • Access credit risk data from 1.8 million debtor records
    • Data matching - Companies Office
    • Aged enquiry reports - analysing your debtors portfolio compared to all contributors
    • Aged Balance reports - identifies your customers with debt at 60 or 90 days with other data contributors


    Protect your business and reduce your risk with our PPSR service.

    • Employ the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)
    • We provide a complete registration and management service
    • Secure future repayments against customer property

    Technology and Innovation

    We invest in developing our own bespoke tools, driving efficiency and providing:

    • Self-service tools, enabling better ways to collect and helping customers pay back sooner
    • An interactive Client Portal - upload customer debts, review and enter diary notes, create reports - all in real time
    • Debtor portal to let your customers self-manage their debt
    • Cici the Chat Bot gives customers a new and innovative way to interact