Solutions wrapped around yours and your customer’s needs.

Credit Control

Manage customer credit more effectively and create a seamless customer experience.

  • Credit control for every step of the customer credit cycle
  • We act as you, embodying your company's brand voice
  • Early collection calling provides proactive support and ensures customer retention
  • Location is not an issue - we can work globally with international clients

Contact Centre Services

Have our experienced team as your customers’ point of contact.

  • Customer call centre that speaks in your voice
  • Early collections to encourage repayment
  • Positive customer experiences to aid retention

Debt Recovery

Work with the experts in effective debt recovery.

  • We partner with clients across New Zealand and Australia - both commercial and consumer debt recovery
  • Partnering with large organisations and not so large, we can work with any volume of debt
  • Our team has expertise in debt recovery, including legal services, tracing and field agent assignments
  • Innovative technology and communication channels, as well as both client and debtor payment portals

Terms of Trade

Create robust Terms of Trade that will assist your business.

  • Draft new and effective Terms of Trade
  • Review and revise what you already have
  • Helping to protect your business

Credit Reporting

Access comprehensive credit reports quickly and easily.

  • Innovative credit reporting in association with our partner Centrix
  • Full access to Consumer and Company reports
  • Competitive rates with no joining or annual fees

Credit Risk Mitigation

We provide you access to comprehensive commercial data in association with CreditWorks.

  • Database has information on 80% of operating Companies in NZ.
  • Access credit risk data from 1.8 million debtor records
  • Data matching - Companies Office
  • Aged enquiry reports - analyze your debtors portfolio compared to all contributors
  • Aged Balance reports - identify your customers with debt at 60 or 90 days with other data contributors.


Protect your business and reduce your risk with our PPSR service.

  • Employ the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)
  • We provide a complete registration and management service
  • Secure future repayments against customer property

Technology and Innovation

We invest in developing our own bespoke tools, driving efficiency and providing:

  • Self-service tools, enabling better ways to collect and helping customers pay back sooner
  • An interactive client Portal - upload customer debts, review and enter diary notes, create reports - all in real time
  • Debtor portal to let your customers self-manage their debt
  • Cici the Chat Bot gives customers a new and innovative way to interact