Debt Recovery

Work with the experts in effective debt recovery.

Debt recovery should have positive outcomes for everyone involved. As a client, you should end up with money in your bank sooner. Your customer should be able to take better control and ownership of their debt situation. Our role is to ensure both things happen.

  • Innovative services

    We have made significant investments in our people and our technology, in response to changing consumer trends. Our innovative approach makes the debt recovery experience easier, friendlier and faster.

  • Accelerated repayment

    We’ve built a better customer experience to drive greater debtor engagement and accelerate debt repayment.

  • Speed of action

    We move quickly once a debt is lodged with us, within 2 hours of the debt being loaded through our client portal. The sooner we understand the reason for non-payment, the greater our chances of success.

Our collection process

Our specialist team has the expertise to collect what is owed to you in the most effective way possible. Communication is the key to success. Whether it is a customer who simply needs to negotiate a straightforward payment plan, or a debtor that needs to be traced overseas, we know the ins and outs of how to talk to them and have well established processes.

Debtor profiling, data analysis and segmentation

Our systems and experience provide us with useful data to improve our collection performance. We can accurately profile your customer to establish the best strategy for seeking repayment, analyse the contact approach that is most likely to reach them and choose the debt recovery process that is most likely to prove successful.

Specialist resources

For more challenging situations, we have tracing specialists to help locate debtors, a certified network of field agents skilled in face to face negotiations and document serving, and external legal counsel to assist our internal staff with litigation procedures.

Self service to make payment simple

We have designed an online self-service payment experience that enhances the likelihood of repayment, improves access to data for your customers, and allows the customers to take more control of their debt situation.

Client portal

Our online portal gives real time access to information and allows clients to directly and securely upload debt information, view the progress of recovery, make queries and access invoices and statements simply and easily. The portal ensures transparency of our actions.