Credit Risk Mitigation

Manage customer credit more effectively and create a seamless customer experience.

Through our relationship with CreditWorks Data Solutions Ltd, we will facilitate the provision of comprehensive commercial data.

The CreditWorks database (CRISworks database), collates debt information on customers, so debt exposure and payment trends can be profiled and viewed, while at the same time the anonymity of the supplier of the data is protected.

The database has information on 80% of all operating Companies in NZ. CreditWorks has over 420 contributing users which translates to over $2.1 billion of current exposure to source at peak times during the month and 1.8 million debtor records.

Full Contributing Membership

By regularly contributing debtor data by supplying the Groups full Debtor Trial Balance and Aging Reports on a regular basis, the Group will have access to reporting and monitoring services. The database is a “live” database. Data is uploaded regularly from clients (daily in many instances, minimum monthly) and from other sources such as the Companies Office, ensuring the status of the debtor is always accurate and up to date.

Membership provides the following inclusive facilities:
  • Data Matching – Companies Office
  • Aging Enquiry reports – an aged analysis of your debtors’ portfolio compared to the total contributing group (available at any point in time)
  • Aged Balances (60+ Days) Reports – identifies customers in your ledger who have debt at 60 or 90 days with other data contributors in the database

Data can be submitted to Credit Consultants by way of data file/excel format in a secure SFTP

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