PPSR / Personal Property Securities Register

Through our association with Creditworks, we offer a complete PPSR registration and management service for the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).

The PPSR is effectively an online noticeboard that lets you register a legal claim to personal property, and check if there is any debt or obligation attached to goods you wish to buy. The register helps businesses and individuals protect themselves financially, reduce investment risk, gain access to credit, and make better-informed financial and purchasing decisions.

By registering with the PPSR, you are in a better position to recover goods, or their value, if your customer defaults on a credit contract. PPSR registration gives you priority over creditors who’ve not registered an interest, as well as those who register after you.

Almost anything of value belonging to your customer – excluding land, buildings and ships greater than 24 metres in length – can be used to secure the repayment of a debt.

We offer a low cost service, with no hosting fees and no transfer fee if you are already registered through another provider.

$14 per transaction
$2.50 per transaction
All costs are exclusive of GST.